For the love of luminous, tender moments; sweet kisses and boisterous laughter.  No matter how grand or intimate your celebration is, you will have photographs that are vibrant and true to your story.

About Nicole

I’m a lover of color, music, and art in many forms. I love celebrating vibrant celebrations, intimate to grand.  I firmly believe in diversity and inclusion and therefore shoot celebrations for all kind hearted souls. Let’s chat, I’d love to hear your story.


Aubrey & Ben

Nicole is phenomenal! having a previous experience with her, I knew she would be able to capture the emotion of my wedding so perfectly. She has a great eye for the simple, yet beautiful things. She truly captures each moment in time! You will still see and feels the same emotion years later, from a single photograph.

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Lacey & Alex

2 years ago today, Nicole traveled from the coast to the mountains for our picture perfect wedding. We had worked with her previously and knew not only what a great person she is, but how amazing her work is! Nicole is so down to earth and one of the sweetest people I know! She is extremely talented and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed! She was so flexible and the results were everything we could have asked for and more! Thank you Nicole for all you have done for us, I can truly never thank you enough for the wonderful memories you’ve captured so perfectly!

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Mallory & Chris

Nicole is very attentive to her clients and was able to work with us in whatever way we needed! Plus, I loved the creativity she had. I could tell that this was a true gifting! I was beyond pleased with my pictures.

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The Jackfruit Mission

"she choked back tears and years of trauma as she clutched the jackfruit in her hand and told me about her life"

My mother’s dream was to give back to her homeland of Vietnam and more specifically the children and families in need.  The families that, like her, are just surviving. Starting 2021, 10% of my earnings will go towards this dream.

Read more about my decision to take up my mother’s dream and one of her last wishes.