Dau's Story
My mother's life was not easy...

"I work hard so your hands do not look like mine"

My mother was born in Vietnam.  Not much of her story is known to us as she did not like talking about her life before she came to the United States.  What little she shared with us is both heartbreaking and a testament to her strength.

As a young girl, she had to work as a servant in many households to support her family.  Because of this, she had to give up schooling, leaving her with nothing more than an elementary school level education.  The younger part of her story includes hunger, assault, and loss.  Still, her hard work and dedication to caring for her family endured over the years well into her nationalization into a US citizen, into the years of our upbringing and until the end of her life due to cancer.  Even with the “limitations” of her educational background, my mother worked hard and prospered in her work, achieving the coveted title of executive chef.

During her battle, she made it known to us that once she passed, she wanted nothing more than to simply donate her clothes and shoes overseas to be distributed freely to Vietnamese churches and families in need.  Her ultimate dream was to aid in the building of schools in the poorer areas of the country and to uplift the lives of the children there so that their story was unlike her own.

With her passing, I decided to pick up her dream and aid in a way that I know I can in hopes that in the future I can do more.